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Advisory Services

What if you had access to a trusted advisor who could provide independent and objective assessments and recommendations for your business and technology needs?


Integration Services

What if your company no longer had islands of information, your ERP, B2B and legacy applications seamlessly communicated with one another? We specialize in end-to-end integration across all platforms, technologies and disparate applications.


Managed Services

What if you could get technology solutions delivered your way? We make it possible by offering a full range of Outsourcing, Insourcing, Functional Assistance, and Flexible Coverage Solutions that allow companies to select as little or as much assistance as they need.


Advisory Services

Project Management

THG can provide project management for a wide range of IT projects, including assessment, development and managed services projects. Our years of experience in this complex arena afford us the unique opportunity to provide your managers with real-time project status information that, in turn, allows them to make quality decisions based on today’s realities.

IT Organization Assessment

We can review, assess and recommend enhancements to IT roles, responsibilities and functions in order to minimize overlap and maximize delivery of IT services. Our processes address the initial formulation of IT strategies and plans as well as periodic updates based on inevitable changes in business direction.

Internal IT Processes and Procedures

We assist customers with the introduction of improved processes, procedures and tools. Our methods and processes are based on proven industry standard best practices. They enable the customer to consistently manage IT activities, resulting in services that successfully address the needs of the business.

Business Requirements

We gather and document all business and technical requirements needed for custom development, vendor package selection, or any other technology initiative using our “Best in Class” requirements definition methodology. Our team approach to requirement definition relies on the input of clients, IT, stakeholders, and executives. We utilize a variety of requirement elicitation techniques to ensure all requirements are addressed and clearly communicated. In creating an appropriate framework for an IT requirements gathering project, we provide the foundation needed to avoid pitfalls associated with the rapid advancements of today’s technology.

Executive Dashboard

Using Sophisticated visual reports and graphics, an Executive Dashboard communicates complex business data quickly and intuitively. We focus on the most important business measures, collects appropriate data from databases, and transforms that data into information. Information that you can use to run your business, help you make informed business decisions, or quickly respond to new business opportunities.

Operation and Performance ReportingDisplay their FAQs

Managers today are challenged to accurately measure the effectiveness of their company’s marketing campaigns, track daily business operations or monitor the performance of their IT provider. However, these executives must sift through reams of reports generated by disparate computer systems throughout their organization. We consolidate reporting into concise, meaningful information for you to measure your business’ performance or to efficiently operate your business.

Integration Services

Custom Interfaces and Integration

In today’s technology driven environment, vendor software is rarely purchased without replacing legacy systems. We transfer data from other existing systems into the new software, preventing disruption in daily business activities.

Back-office and Legacy Integration

Companies re-thinking their back-office processes are striving for solutions to improve their customer-facing capabilities to be more competitive and to increase profits. To make their company more effective, company executives are now putting decision-making in the hands of those who have operational responsibility. We integrate front office with traditional back-office systems to provide all customer information to call center reps or corporate web sites, thereby enhancing the customer satisfaction with your company.

Software Package Implementation

Companies often resort to implementing vendor software rather than spending valuable IT resources developing custom business solutions, especially when the business functionality either is not a core business function or offers no competitive advantage. We provide experienced technical personnel to reduce the time to implement vendor software, lessening the burden on business and technical personnel, making business functionality available quicker.

Enterprise Content Management Implementation

We’ve designed, built, trained and implemented several Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions managing terabytes of enterprise data for customers around the world and across many industry sectors. Our Consultants will assess your knowledge access and sharing needs, and help you customize and deploy an ECM solution that addresses your business needs, including knowledge retention and compliance management.

Managed Services

  • Outsourcing / Insourcing
  • Total Operations
  • Departments
  • Business Functions
  • Functions
  • Organizations

  • Projects
  • Migrations / Moves
  • Functional Assistance
  • Functional Assistance included services for focused efforts such as tool integration, application support, and problem remediation.

  • Flexible Coverage
  • Flexible Coverage includes services such as Peak Coverage, Temporary Management, and Temporary Subject Matter Expertise.